Thursday, August 27, 2015

Excelsior Brewing Company's Reed Osell talks taste, ingredients, continued growth and preference for the iconic new brand.

The fragrant smell of Excelsior Beer being brewed -- it was the malt's turn -- was unmistakable. I was walking around Excelsior, MN, and couldn't help but be drawn to the nexus of something extraordinary.  Met the Taproom Operations Manger, Reed Osell, and he gave me a rapid-fire education of micro-brewing, and how his brand is really doing well.

"It's the ingredients," explains Reed, "we have something unique in the process (our secret timing and recipe, of course), and customers really enjoy drinking our beer."

If I'm not mistaken Excelsior will "boil" 500 tall barrels of the elixir this calendar year.  Demand seems to almost outpace supply, and I'd bet the brewery would be expanding before you know it.

Reed was in a hurry to get back to work, but he did give me a few Excelsior Brewing Company promotional stickers.  I keep a little journal and have already pasted in my sticker.  I'll send one off to my grandson tomorrow so he can keep his book current.

Grandson is too young to pick up a growler -- even on Sunday -- so he'll have to be content for now with the sticker -- and an exciting story of "making it" told by a proud and passionate young exec.

These kegs are a thing of beauty

Always on Sunday now.

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