Monday, August 3, 2015

Rockin' the Cedar Lake Trail at Depot Coffee Shop in Hopkins.

The Cedar Lake Trail follows the former railroad lines of the Great Northern and the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway. This popular trail is a 12'-wide, multi-use, and features a center line. 

Cedar Lake Trail runs from downtown Minneapolis to Hopkins (or/and, back the other way), and makes connections with other popular bike and pedestrian trails in the city and western suburbs.

Damn, I wish I'd asked the name of this velo artist at the Depot.  He arrived on his recumbent, unloaded guitar, amp, speaker. After setting up my new friend began to tune his instrument, play a few chords, settle in for a set.  As I watched this regimen unfold I found a $5.00 bill in my pocket  and wanted to contribute to the joy I'd been witnessing.  Approaching the artist, and seeing he didn't have a tip jar set up, he doffed the chapeau and into the lid went the five-spot.

As we talked biked I learned that Tonka Cycle and Ski in Hopkins had retro-fit an electric motor assist a while ago.  You can see Tonka's handiwork in the back wheel - my amigo (who doesn't own a car) says the outcome is perfect for his needs.

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