Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adman, Dori, Jason and the Snapping Turtle Incident.

Sunday afternoon, heading west along Dakota Trail.  Jason and I weren't too far out of Wayzata when we came upon a young snapping turtle chilling in the middle of the paved bike path.   We HAD to stop and usher the snapper to safety.

Bikes were not parked in a particularly velo friendly manner.  Along pedals a couple behind us, slowing down, but unable to pass due to oncoming bike traffic. While Jason was explaining the Snapping Turtle Situation, the gent biker (whom we came to know as Todd the Adman) took a spill, tumbling down the side of the path toward the marsh.

J and I pulled Todd up the embankment, helped dust him off, received assurances from wife Dori that Adman was OK.  THEN we began to chat in earnest.

T + D were on their way home from Cov in Wayzata.  Jason, who lives in Steamboat, turns out to know of a friend of T + D who's on ski patrol there.  Since old Poppy has spent a lifetime in magazine publishing, I knew people in the ad agency business, which T + D ran here in the Cities before they retired.

What a day, you might say. Business cards exchanged.  Plans made to stay in touch. And promises that velos would be parked off-path in the future, and that cyclists would aways stop to help turtles get home safely. 

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