Saturday, August 2, 2014

Public Art Review Magazine Celebrates 25 Years.

Artist, entrepreneur, activist and visionary in the upper Midwest, Jack Becker started Public Art Review Magazine 25 years ago.

PAR's mission: bring public art to more people, make it more meaningful, expand creative opportunities and understanding in the field for artists, fabricators, educators, art administrators, here in the USA and around the world.

That the magazine has exceeded such lofty goals is no surprise to the people who know Jack Becker and the professionals he's attracted to work with him.

To celebrate 25, Jack and his wife Nancy Reynolds (pictured above, along with Karen Olson, Executive Editor of Public Art Review) threw a birthday pot luck at their home in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Some 80 friends, colleagues, employees, contractors, customers, donors and grant recipients showed up at the BBQ.   Guests brought mounds of coleslaw and potato salad, chips and dip, double-chocolate brownies, exotic wines, and plenty of atta-boys, good wishes and good cheer.

I've been selling advertising in Public Art Review for nearly two years now. While I report to Forecast Public Art Executive Director Stacey Holland, my collaboration with Jack and Karen, and the rest of PAR's staff, continues to inform and inspire.  Lucky us. Here's to the next 25!

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