Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sweet Corn, Sweet Ride: Sweet Minnesota Summertime.

Minnesota Sweet Corn is here! And nothing tastes better or is more anticipated by cyclists, than sweet abundance from places like Gregor Farm.

Folks are surprised to learn that within two miles of my suburban home there's a vibrant agricultural culture. It's right here in Hennepin County, just 16 miles from downtown Minneapolis.

More good news: there's no corporate farming out this way, no mega fields, but row after row of soy beans and tomatoes, raspberries and cukes, lettuce and carrots, dahlias and roses, and on it goes.  And on it grows!

Lucky me to come upon corn on my ride today. And to find a fellow cyclist whom I could persuade to squeeze the shutter.  There's also a Starbucks nearby, and I headed there right away for an iced trippio, no water, no flavor, a little 2%, all in a Venti cup that would fit my water bottle cage perfectly.

Get out and ride, Minnesota, and go get some sweet corn before it's all gone. Be sure to wipe the dripping butter from your chin!

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