Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kickstarter Bike Shift Lever Project from One

As you might imagine there's an urgent need for accessible, affordable bike spare parts in the world's less developed countries.

Shift levers, for instance: when they wear out and need to be replaced, and if they ARE available, may cost the equivalent of a month's wages.

Pedaling to the rescue comes out of Prescott, AZ.  

Exec Dir.  Sue Knaup figures bike spares can be cast locally, made of widely available parts, and affordable by cyclists the world over.

But Sue needs capital to develop her idea.  So she goes to Kickstarter to raise the $$.  I sign up as an investor, and now I'm testing the first batch of shift levers to see how they perform.

Exciting? You betcha.  Proud of Sue?  Ditto.  Eager to see these shift levers in use in Ghana, India, Pakistan, Bolivia, Haiti, and a hundred other countries?  Yup.

For more info call (928) 541-9841, or

This is such a win-win good idea.  Ride on,  Sue.

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