Sunday, August 10, 2014

YWCA Twin Cities Triathalon - Margaret's Update.

I've posted about my friend and former colleague Margaret Klis.  You may recall that Margaret and daughter Kris are in training for this month's YWCA Twin Cities Tri. 

They're training hard, putting in the miles, bringing down their times, raising big bucks for this most important event.

I'm very proud of my good buddy.  And I asked Margaret to keep me in the loop.

"Training for the Triathlon has been a real journey sometimes interrupted by life issues like working long hours, my mother getting sick and me supporting a friend. During a long training program, that happens.  But here I am, one week from the event, and I'm on my way to the course to take one more practice run. After completing  the practice run, I can report that I rode 13 minutes faster than the last time. The training was helpful .  Another good thing:  my daughter and I met our fundraising goal of $1000. At this point we're at $1165 which is the highest of any of the fundraisers for the event.  Of course, we would be happy to make our total even higher, as the YWCA is truly a wonderful organization.  

I have included the link to our fundraising page.

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