Thursday, August 21, 2014

Long Lake Hell Train is Running Again.

Produce shopping yesterday at the Untiedt Stand in Long Lake.  

Jason and I selected a half-dozen ears of corn ($4.00), freshly picked raspberries @ $6.00 per pint, a "black diamond" water melon -- "it's so rich in color and taste you're not going to believe it"  -- was the sales pitch.

And then, as pretense for capturing a quick foto for the Poppy Blog, we asked to see a pair of locally grown, organic, heirloom tomatoes right off the place.

Our new BFF counter person was a persuasive pitch-person.  Sharp-tongued, too, so of course we had some fun chatting it up.

While J and I failed to ask the lady's name we did learn that she'd received a text earlier in the day from one of her daughters with the following acerbic message:  "Looks like the Hell Train is Running Again."

Hell Train must refer to the Mom ... but why and what and huh??   More on this in a later post.

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