Saturday, August 23, 2014

Margaret and Kris Krush YWCA Twin Cities Tri-Athlon.

It's been a week since my friend Margaret Klis and her daughter Kris finished their first tag team triathlon.  

Margaret reports that: "the YWCA did a fabulous job accommodating the 1200 women of all shapes, sizes, ages and races who competed. 

"The 'Y-Tri' stands for empowering all women, and this event certainly went along way in empowering those 1200 competitors."   

Mom Margret and Daughter Kris, as I've posted before, shared duties (though next year each plans to compete in all three events).  

Our gals finished in under two hours, which, while not fast, was Margaret explains was: very good for our first time competing."

Favorite memories?  Margaret again:  "when I was biking toward the finish line I saw my three grandchildren along the road and they were yelling, "Nana Nana".  It was a good thing I was done, because at that point, I had tears in my eyes."

As for the fundraising: they came in first place, raising $1530.  No trophies or medals for our Champs, but bragging rights were enough to inspire our winners to start training for next year, now.

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